Curiosity killed a cat... And satisfaction brought her back.
So now, I learn. Learn how to indulge myself in little pleasures. 'Can't spend thi s money coz I never earned it' — 'stupid wasting so much cash for the food — smth to be eaten and thrown away, not practical at all' — 'why buy this when it'll have its day in couple of years' — c'mon girl, what were u living for?! Some distant tomorrow when you'll be all tired and weary? When you destroy your health, both mental and physical, by putting yourself to constant strain?
Life is today. Life doesn't START anywhere, some time, one day — it IS, dammit! Every single moment is the life passing by; foot to foot, hand by hand, step by step together with the every step you take, every breath you inhale, every thought you let into your mind.
You've achieved what you needed; it's ok going where you are, but take caution and watch your step this time, young lady.
It's about time to try something different. Like... watching one's step with the eyes wide shut.
Sometimes it works just fine.

@музыка: Norah Jones - New York City

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